We put the seed, you see it grow

Agriplant Gardens is a team of professionals ready to provide suitable solutions for every need. Either it is your home garden or the gardens of a luxurious hotel, we provide services from putting the very first seed to big-scale landscaping and maintenance.


In our store you can find a wide range of seeds and plants to make your space look beautiful and professionals to guide you through selection.


Design is the foundation of landscaping. Taking under consideration all the parameters given, we provide solid and innovative designs.

Garden Construction

A team of experts is ready to put their hands on the ground in order to bring the design to life. Our long experience guarantees wonderful results.


A garden is a living organism. In order to be healthy and live long, we have to nurture it. Maintenance is one of our key services in achieving excellence.

Our Gallery

Navigate through our photo gallery to see samples of our actual work. As a result, every project is important and every project designates a new start-line for us.


Innovative Solutions

Every space is a white canvas. Through innovation, we provide solutions to turn a white canvas into a stunning painting.

Crafty Hands

Our specialized team is well aware of the art of crafting. From soil to plants, we are dedicated to make beauty flourish.

Seeds & Weeds

We offer a wide variety of seeds and plants, having people with professional knowledge to inform you on the best choice.

Latest Equipments

Fully aware that new-age technology is our ally, we manage to work with the latest equipment to achieve high standards.